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    Services provided by AWS


    AWS provides a variety of computing, storage, networking services which deliver core functionality for businesses in their development. Here are some core services are explained.

    Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud ( EC2 )

    Amazon EC2 in the initial instance service which gives you a virtual server platform. There is a variety of operating system available based on hardware capacity and prices which you can choose according to the need of your business.

    AWS Lambda

    Aws lambda provides you a no-administration platform with highly secure and high availability. Here you just upload the codes of your need which you want to run on the servers, a back-end developer run the code on a platform and provide you the demanded service.

    Auto Scaling

    This function allows you to automatically adjust the capacity of your instances according to the need of your workload or demand as the demand of your business goes up or down and pay as much or less resource you are using. It provides redundancy to the business when you seem that the capacity you choose before is now wanted more hardware or spacing.

    Elastic load balancing

    As all we know about load balancing techniques, aws divide incoming traffic to multiple EC2 instances in the cloud. It provides a high level of fault tolerance for applications.

    Amazon Route 53

    Amazon route 53 provides DNS service of name resolution such as IP to name and vice versa. It also serves as a domain registrar, allowing you to purchase and manage domains directly from AWS. AWS gives you IP service where You can purchase a static IP for your DNS server or you can run it on a free IP.

    Amazon Simple Storage Service

    Amazon S3 is the instance to store data where You can use the capacity of a minimum of 1TB to as you want with managed file and folders. In Amazon S3, Glacier service, which is used to backup your data which is no more usable. It comes with adjustable capacity where you can increase or decrease your storage at any time according to the need of the business.

    AWS Elastic Beanstalk

    Elastic Beanstalk is a fast and simple platform where a web application is placed and running on aws. A developer has just uploaded their application code and aws is automatically operates and handle all the needs, such as monitoring, scaling load balancing etc.

    Besides these services, there is a lot of services available to use as Migration service, Analytical services, Media service, Mobile service, Management tools, Developer tools, Games, software, Cost management, Application integration, Networking services, Security services and more. AWS has a bunch of services for choose on demand and is able to give you all new technology with performance and redundancy with a valuable uptime.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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