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    Ayush Nair

    Qantas Annual Report (400)

    Find the Qantas 2016 Annual Report on the web.

    Your friend Raymond is studying architecture at another University and knows very little about
    accounting and annual reports. His uncle gave him $50,000 recently to invest. Raymond knows you have begun studying accounting and is considering buying Qantas shares.

    1.Identify and explain some of the metrics that Qantas uses to show its performance.
    2. Examine and comment on the Statement of Comprehensive Income.
    3. What expertise does Todd Sampson bring to the Board of Directors?
    4. Explain Revenue Seat Factor, EBIT, Revenue received in advance and Retained Earnings.
    5. Calculate and comment on the Working Capital ratio for the two most recent years.
    6. Create two charts in Excel from any data in the Qantas report showing 3D columns and a 3D pie chart. Paste the spreadsheet charts using snipping tools in MS word assignment along with MS excel. Also, paste the chart data area.
    7. Summarise your advice to Raymond re the investment decision.

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