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    Python vs NodeJS


    Python Advantages over Node.js

    • A python is an object-oriented and multipurpose programming language which can be easily mixed up with C, C++, and JAVA etc. It is clean and contains many useful language features that JavaScript doesn’t have like Generators, Decorators, and Classes etc.
    • If you are familiar with Python then you should use PyPy + Tornado. It is more beneficial, productive, and maintainable than using Node.js
    • Node.js claims that it is faster than Python but Python provides PyPy+ Tornado to overcome this disadvantage.
    • Python is also using a lot of internet companies now a day i.e. Quora, Nextdoor, Youtube, Pinterest, Slide Share, Apture, Disqus, Mochi Media etc.

    Node.js Advantages over Python

    Following are some important features which make Node.js more preferable over Python.

    • Node.js can be used for both client and server development.
    • Node.js uses Google Chrome’s V8 engine which makes its library very fast in code execution.
    • Node.js is well suited for asynchronous programming.
    • Node.js is getting popular day by day. It is now using a lot of companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple etc.
    • Node.js uses non-blocking I/O throughout so, it is the best option for creating a real-time web application. For example: chat application. On the other hand, Python is the best option for creating CRUD based Applications
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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