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    Time: 120 mins

    Case Study:

    A medium-sized pharmaceutical client has approached the company to build a web as well as a mobile app that would help schedule and plan various training sessions for the trainers of their marketing staff. You have been assigned to lead this project by your manager:
    For Project Management

    1. List the order of priority for this project : (time, cost, quality) and provide your rationale
    2. Perform project requirement and assumption analysis and document the same
    3. What platforms would you consider for development for this project
    4. Provide a cost estimate that you would propose to the client for this project (provide rationale used for arriving at the cost)
    5. Develop a high level project plan
    6. List the various metrics that you would track for this project
    7. List the potential risks for this project. Please provide at least one mitigation plan for each of the risks identified

    Disclaimer: The cases cited herein are fictitious and have been developed independently. They have been created with no attempt to emphasize any one service provider’s strength or weakness.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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