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    Plant Cell vs Animal Cell



    Animal and plant cell are both eukaryotic cells. They have a nucleus which has the DNA, and they have all the cell organelles. They both reproduce by either mitosis or meiosis. Though plant and animal cells have common characteristics they differ in a variety of ways. Here are the differences between the cells.

    • Animal cells are smaller as they are just 10-30 micrometers in length, whereas, plant cells are 10-100 micrometers.
    • Plant cells are rectangular in size but the animal cells are found in varied shapes.
    • Animal cells have carbohydrates in form of energy but the plant cells have only starch.
    • Animal cell lacks a cell wall and only have a cell membrane but a plant cell has both.
    • Animal cells have a cylindrical centriole but a plant cell does not have a centriole.
    • Glyoxysomes are not found in animal cells, they help in degrading lipids, for the production of sugar.
    • Lysosomes are present in animal cells and they help in digesting macromolecules. Plant cells rarely have lysosomes.
    • Animal cells lack Plastids but plant cells have them like chloroplast, which is required for photosynthesis.
    • The animal cell has small vacuoles but plant cell has vacuoles that cover around 90% of the cell’s volume.
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