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    Due on the popularity of hair extensions a minefield of applications for extensions are available. the examples below article may help clarify the two most popular ways of extension application, micro-rings and keratin glue.

    In the previous micro loop hair extensions were witnessed as a luxury item reserved for celebs only. Today, hair extensions are no lengthier just for celebrities. because of increased demand for extension services, many stylists have acquired training to attach and do apart with hair extensions. The industry as a complete has exploded to consist of a minefield of various ways of connection available. Keratin glue and micro-ringsFree internet Content, the most frequent methods are in contrast below.

    Keratin Glue

    Keratin glue is heated in a glue gun with the hair extensions actually glued on the existing hair. The keratin glue can withstand the two high temperature and chemical cures in spite of the truth that also forming a strong bond to maintain the hair in place. An glue remover is utilized to try to do apart with the micro ring hair extensions dissolving the glue bonds to some powdery substance. If undesirable glue is utilized the extensions may turn out to be large placing undesirable stress on your existing hair. Breakage can happen with fine hair because sticky glue is combed out.

    Micro Rings

    Micro rings are arguably the very finest system of request of hair extensions. a small metallic tube is clamped over the real hair to attach extension hair. Good top quality micro-rings are lumination body fat having a silicon inner lining to stop hair extensions from slipping. because of on the lumination body fat of the rings there isn’t any damage on the roots of the existing hair. Removal is simply done by lightly unclamping the micro-rings allowing the extensions to fall out. Micro-rings are a secure alternative for men and females with delicate skin area as glue removers are not needed.

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