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    Kohlberg’s theory of moral development
    Erik Erickson’ s theory of psychosocial development
    Jean Piaget’s theory of cognitive development
    Sigmund’s Freud’s theory of psychosexual development
    For your first entry, reflect on a personal life experience and use a psychological concept/theory to explain this life experience. This entry requires you to:
    select a theory from the topic, Lifespan Development, and choose ONE stage of the theory, then provide a concise but clear explanation of this stage. [5 Marks] B. the stage must be one that you are able to recollect.
    reflect on YOUR developmental experiences, then choose ONE episode or event and provide a brief description of that episode or event. [5 Marks]
    having described the stage above, demonstrate how the stage relates to your experience.
    [20 Marks]

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