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    1)In The Five People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom, think about the lesson the author wants the readers to understand from the meeting of the five people.

    2)Relate each lesson to a thematic statement.

    3)decide on 5 symbols(i.e. pictures, illustrations, etc.)that represent the lesson.

    4) write a description for each symbol in at least one paragraph which explains & includes the following as it relates to the theme & auhtor’s purpose for writing about said theme:

    a)sentence 1: the author’s purpose as it relates to a theme; this is stated first, because everything else supports it.

    b)sentence 2: include a quote, summary, or paraphrase to support the theme above, followed by the page numbers from the text.

    c)sentence 3-6: explain how the quote supports the theme, the reason the author wrote about that theme, what the author is trying to tell readers about this theme, etc.

    d)sentence 7: conclude by stating how the quote relates to you; what do you take away from the reading as it relates to that specific theme?

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