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    How does Microprocessor works? Write Advantages of Microprocessor


    Controlling unit of Micro-Computer is called Microprocessor which is fabricated on small chip ability to perform Arithmetic Logic Unit operations. Microprocessor consists of control Units, ALU and register Array. Control Unit control flows data in the computers.
    Microprocessor works on three sequence:- Fetch, Decode then Execute.
    Microprocessor initially store instruction in memory then fetch that instruction, Decode that instruction then Execute it and stop instruction.

    Advantages of Microprocessor are as follows:-

    • Low Cost :- Due to integrated circuit technology the Microprocessor has low cost.
    • High Speed :- It will execute millions of instruction at a time due to technology involved in it.
    • Small size :- Due to very large scale technology, it is fabricated in very less footprint.
    • Low Power Consumption :- It is manufactured using MOSFET which will operate in saturation and cut off modes.
    • Reliable :- Due to semiconductor technology used, it is very reliable.
    • Portable :- Due to small size and low power consumption it is portable
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