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    How does Microcontroller Works? Also write differences between Microcontroller and Microprocessor


    Microcontroller are fabricated on single integrated chip. It will control other devices. In TV remote input is given to TV screen and TV screen gives output when signals sent and execute due to Microcontroller. Microcontroller is Special Purpose Computer.

    Microcontroller is very fast device so instruction given to it will excute very fast speed.
    When the power supply is given for ON, the quartz oscillator enabled by Control Logic Register. In few milliseconds, while preparation is in progress, the parasite capacitors are charged.
    When the Voltage level reaches its pick value and frequency of quartz oscillator becomes stable, the process of writing bits on SFRs started.This all takes place in very few nano seconds. Program counter is reset to zero address of the program memory. The address of the instructions sent to Instruction Decoder which decodes the instructions and thus executes them.
    After execution of first instruction, the address of program counter is incremented by 1 and next instruction to instruction decoder and executes the next instructions.

    Differences between Microcontroller and Microprocessor are as follows:-

    • Microprocessor is an Integrated chip which has CPU inside them. It do not have RAM,ROM. Where as Microcontroller has CPU having fixed amount of RAM,ROM and other peripheral devices.
    • Microcontroller control specific task.
      Microprocessor fined unspecific task where it developed program game photo editing etc.
    • Microcontroller is cheaper than Microprocessor.
    • Microcontroller are based on Harvad architecture where program memory and data memory are separated. Where as Microprocessor based on Von Neumann model where data are stored in same memory.
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