How do they plan to cope with the disadvantages?

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    Find at least two students outside of class at UUM who are of a different “”racial”” origin than your own. Find out as much as possible about what it is/was like for your partner to grow up in Malaysia. Have they experienced any disadvantage, prejudice or discrimination in their life thus far? Find out how they have coped with these situations? If they have not faced any of these issues find out why they think that they have been immune to them? Are there areas in the future which your partner anticipates they will experience disadvantages or privileges because of their “”race””? How do they plan to cope with the disadvantages? What are their relations like with peers? What do you see are the advantages and disadvantages in Malaysia of being a member of this “”racial”” group? How might this person’s matrix of oppression affect their responses to you? Write up should be 3-5 pages.

    Note: When completing the short assignments you will need to find a different individual to interview each time. My suggestion would be to find someone who is not a girlfriend, boyfriend or someone who is in the class.

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