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    Future Scope of Python


    (1) Artificial Intelligence

    Python programming language is undoubtedly dominating the other languages when future technologies like Artificial Intelligence(AI) comes into the play.

    There are plenty of python frameworks, libraries and tools that are specifically developed to direct Artificial Intelligence to reduce human efforts with increased accuracy and efficiency for various development purposes.

    It is only the Artificial Intelligence that has made it possible to develop speech recognition system, autonomous cars, interpreting data like images, videos etc.

    We have shown below some of the python libraries and tools used in various Artificial Intelligence branches.

    • Machine Learning- PyML, PyBrain, scikit-learn, MDP Toolkit, GraphLab Create, MIPy etc.
    • General AI- pyDatalog, AIMA, EasyAI, SimpleAI etc.
    • Neural Networks- PyAnn, pyrenn, ffnet, neurolab etc.
    • Natural Language & Text Processing- Quepy, NLTK, gensim

    (2) Big Data

    The future scope of python programming language can also be predicted by the way it has helped big data technology to grow. Python has been successfully contributing in analyzing the large amount of data sets across computer clusters through its high-performance toolkits and libraries.

    • Pandas
    • Scikit-Learn
    • NumPy
    • SciPy
    • GraphLab Create
    • IPython
    • Bokeh
    • Agate
    • PySpark
    • Dask

    (3) Networking

    Networking is another field in which python has a brighter scope in the future. Python programming language is used to read, write and configure routers and switches and perform other networking automation tasks in a cost-effective and secure manner.

    For these purposes, there are many libraries and tools that are built on the top of python language.

    • Ansible
    • Netmiko
    • NAPALM (Network Automation and Programmability Abstraction Layer with Multivendor Support)
    • Pyeapi
    • Junos PyEZ
    • PySNMP
    • Paramiko SSH
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