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    Spring and summer makeup trends! The major brands have launched a series of colorful color makeup, nature cheap lingerie hair like the ocean, the color of the flowers and all five-pointed star bead kinds of things, turned into a bright hue to add a lot of richness for the summer make-up! The use of the color of each other blooming completed COLOR EYE-belong to this season’s most fashionable! Summer make-up is black barracuda club dress quite exciting, filled with many bright colors!

    At first glance, let the girls do not know where to start? In the end, how to draw people to love and sweet colors, and immediately pass on to you! “Mature yet sweet and lovely eye makeup, the color rubbed in the eyes of the central parts of the distribution of charm in the blink of an eye! Spring and summer or want to have a sense of sweet, cute, pink color can still enjoy to play with color, blooming color level to open in the middle of the eye up and down again to strengthen the eyes of the color concentrate exudes a charm! The sense of a little pearl eye shadow powder is first base, the first to use the sense of the A with a subtle pearl white eye shadow to brighten the entire eye socket, and a wide range of brush lightly orbit level, visually make large eyes more bright. Brush in the eyes and head Department focus on two to increase the spacing, A sense of pearl white eye shadow brush lightly on the eyes of head office, can increase the contour of the eye, the spacing of two more concentrated, is able to build important skills of eye stereoscopic .

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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