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    Explain the technique of micropropagation. How is micropropagation better compared to traditional breeding techniques?



    Micropropagation is a tissue culture technique. This technique is used for tomato, banana, apple, orchids etc.

    The steps for the micropropagation technique are:

    • We select the suitable plant(parent) and then collect a small amount of tissue from the parent plant.
    • Then this tissue is excised and is grown in the culture medium
    • This tissue develops into callus (group of cells)
    • The callus is then differentiated to produce plantlets by providing the medium with the required hormones (like auxin, cytokine)
    • These plantlets are genetically identical to the original plant from which they were grown, so they are called somaclones.
    • This micropropagation technique is also called somaclonal propagation.

    Micropropagation is better than the traditional breeding technique as:

    • Can get an unlimited number of plants in limited space and short time.
    • Can get pathogen free plants.
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