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    Explain all terms in Mobile Telephony


    In Mobile Telephony various terms were used, Some of them are listed below:-

    1. Mobile Station(MS):- MS Communicate the message between users and modifies it to transmission protocol of air interface. It has two element. Mobile Equipment and SIM.
    2. Mobile Equipment(ME):- Mobile Equipment is the hardware that customers buy from the manufacture. The hardware contain component need for implementation of protocol for interface between users and air interface to the base stations.
    3. Subscriber Identify Module(SIM):- It is smart card used for specification of users identity with name and address. In SIM card message will also stored.
    4. Base Station(BS):- Base Station transmit and receive users data. When mobile is only responsible for transmitting users data then Base station is capable to handle all calls simultaneously.
    5. Base Transceiver Station(BTS):- The users data transmission takes place between mobile and Base Stations through BTS.
    6. Mobile Switching center(MSC):- Mobile Switching Centre is the hardware part of wireless switches which communicate through PSTN switches using signals systems.
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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