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    Management Control in the 21st Century.


    Read the following research paper:

    Frow, N., Marginson, D., Ogden, S., (2005), Encouraging Strategic behaviour while Maintaining Management Control: Multi-Functional Project Teams, Budgets, and the Negotiation of Shared Accountabilities in Contemporary Enterprises, Accounting Organizations and Society, Vol. 16, pp. 269-292.

    Research the topic in management accounting research journals and books (you can find a comprehensive list of relevant references in the above research paper).

    Collect references and critically evaluate your readings.

    In your essay you have to

    (i) Critically discuss the topic, and

    (ii) Include a brief critique of the above research paper.

    In your essay discussion you may refer to published research, your opinions and direct experience.

    Length: Up to 3 A4 typed/printed pages, 1.5 spacing, plus appendices, references, etc.


    research paper

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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