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    You laugh in the eyes of love? Careful crow’s feet borrow! Crow’s feet are usually the accessories dolphin lingerie of the trailing smile once betray oneself, nor do anything. Below “the taste of the snow-white” to teach a magic formula for reduction of crow’s feet, so that you develop a love to laugh without leaving the pattern of charm electric eye.

    The severity of crow’s feet can be divided into four kinds of:Most a slight smile betray oneself:Slight crow’s feet, as long as the face, do not do facial expressions do double string triangle top not see the lines, dragon and tiger fighting tattoo only when smiling, will be found.Slightly serious laugh and a small fine lines:Formally borrow crow’s feet, the dynamic pattern into a static pattern, even without any expression, the end of eye there is still a small fine lines.In severe cases, do not laugh, crow’s feet and profound

    Gradually severe crow’s feet, do not laugh, and crow’s feet did not face very deep, concealer also carries no way!The most serious corner emerge trigeminal pattern

    Is not only a deep crow’s feet, lines end with a number of bifurcation, even if a distance, be aware!If the crow’s feet betray oneself, how should I do?

    Every day, a massage, get rid of crow’s feet!Eye of the best time in the crow’s feet did not produce Too much cream to use is not easy to be absorbed each time only green beans the size of the “two” can be. The first painted cream, then cover the cream when the skin around the eyes to escape! In addition to the use of professional eye care products, plus the right massage assisted in order to effectively eliminate, so be sure not to get lazy! >> Links: Recommended 16 models of inexpensive and easy to use eye cream

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