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    Does Social Media Make the World Bigger? or Smaller?



    Social media has been one of the most powerful and effective means of communication which has played a significant role in bridging the gaps between different individuals. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram you all are familiar with them. These days technology has advanced so much that internet can be found anywhere and anytime. With this, human interaction has become minimal. According to a recent survey, it has been shown that nearly 72% of the teenager’s text on regular basis.

    With the proliferation of various social media channels, there has been a tectonic change in the mindset of people worldwide. Now it’s time to look towards the other side of the coin. Yes, it’s hard to believe but the fact remains same that even texting has a few downsides. Let us analyse them one by one:

    • Problem with face to face communication– In a recent survey, it has been found that people who text a lot encounter problem when it comes to face to face communication. It was further found that this problem not only persisted in direct interaction but even when they have to interact with their cell phones.
    • Too much obsession is bad habit– This problem mainly came from teenage groups who keep on texting with their friends during the late-night hours which results in poor grades. Hence, too much obsession with anything is a bad habit.
    • Facilitates laziness – Social media has created our life so convenient, that it has made us lazy. Instead of going to our friend’s home, we message them or make a call. Social media has proved to be a fantastic way to waste time.

    Overall, we can conclude that these social media and mobile phones are a huge blessing for us but at the same time, they have proved as a big distraction in one’s life.

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