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    Difference between homework and assignment


    Homework is a set of tasks assigned by teachers. Homework is something which is given by teachers on daily basis. Homework includes math problems to be solved, material to be reviewed before a test or other skills to be practiced. Origin of homework took place approx. 120 years ago in America. Synonyms of homework are pedagogy, school work or educational assignments.

    While Assignments is an act of assigning something typically as a part of their studies or job. The assignment includes quizzes, discussions, files etc.

    Basically, the objective of assignments is to challenge the abilities of students. Assignments have its origin in between 1350 to 1400 in Latin. Synonyms of assignments are an obligation, task or job.


    1. Preparations
    2. Practice
    3. Student development
    4. Punishment
    5. Peer interaction
    6. Public relations
    7. Student – teacher communication



    According to recent studies, it has been shown that students who usually finish their homework and assignments generally good grades. Even they good academic performance. On the other hand, students unable to do their homework and assignments has shown less academic performances and they are also unable to achieve good grades.


    Homework and assignments have help students in developing motivational skills as well as personal responsibilities skills. It has been shown that students who complete their homework have positive emotions which help them to stay positive and tension free.


    Homework and assignments have been identified as the dominant source of depression and anxiety. In a recent survey, it has been shown that punishments by parents and teachers lead to depression which can cause headaches and stomachaches.


    Due to assignments and homework, students will learn the habit of exploring new things. In this manner he will learn the skills to conduct research in a detailed manner hence, it will be useful for him in his student or professional life.


    1. Students feels burnt out-

    After a busy day at school and extracurricular activities, students become tried and had left with low energy. That time homework and assignment has to turn out to be a curse. hence, homework and assignments cause severe stress and lead to sleep deprivation. It has been shown in recent studies students from the age group of 11-16 got to sleep for 6 hours 12 minutes which is less than the necessary sleep time required by a person.

    2. No free time-

    After a busy schedule of school and other extracurricular activities students are left with very less time and at that time homework and assignments leads to wastage of time which eats up valuable time of student which they have to spend with their family and friends.

    3. Sometimes homework and assignments lost its valuability:

    Usually, teachers provide homework to students to enhance their abilities but sometimes it becomes difficult to see the value in the assignments. The more Amount of homework given to students leads to lesser the dedication among students.

    4. children need time to be active:

    Due to excessive homework and assignments, students got no time to exercise or to play outside this may lead to laziness among students. According to a recent study, it has been shown that sitting in one place continuously may lead to the back problem and cervical problems. It may also cause obesity among children.


    From decades there has been a debate on homework. Some find homework as a necessity while some find it just wastage of time.

    Those who are in favor of homework and assignments believes that extra learning will improve the study skills and will be helpful for students to achieve good grades. While for those who are against believing that student should be freed from learning tasks beyond the school days. Some parents believe that homework and assignments are the teacher’s way of handling their responsibilities to parents.

    I highly believed that there must be a place for homework, but it should never be offered as a substitute for teaching. It is the duty of the teacher to provide homework and assignments only at a term of a break. She or he should provide homework and assignments in such a way that it must not become a burden on students.

    The purpose of homework and assignments is just to make a simple communication between parents and their child. They must be aware of their children’ academic development.

    Interestingly the debate on homework and assignment is between parents and teacher but no one is bothered to ask students about this issue. Students are the recipients of homework policies and it would be worthwhile to seek their opinions.

    At last, it can be concluded that homework and assignments should have relevance and meaning to children and it must lead to overall development of the student.

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