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    China’s food culture has a long history, according to legend, in ancient China, palace royal kitchens Diet to lose weight, bloated royal family to become beautiful body. Yuan Dynasty suddenly Si Hui drink meal “once describes a number of able water, swelling, weight loss, diet side of the moisture five internal sensualle organs,” Compendium of Materia Medica “,” porridge spectrum “records of the weight loss Diet.

    How bitter, lose weight eat Diet to sexy lingerie china lose weight is to make up. We recommend only a single a few weight loss Diet:

    30 grams of barley, the amount of sugar as raw material. Coix seed washed, placed in the casserole, add water, adequate, and then the casserole set Wu Huo boiling, the latter with gentle heat simmer to boil. Add sugar and tries to be Yiyiren Shulan random diet. Can Spleen dampness, swelling and weight loss. Piper RB 5 grams of fresh carp 100 g, 15 g Chuanjiao, ginger, parsley, wine, onion, monosodium glutamate, vinegar is the amount of raw materials. Carp to the scales, Caesarean section gutted, washed, cut into small pieces; ginger, green onions, washed, film break stand. Piper RB carp, onions, ginger into sexy lingerie china delivery serbia the pot, add water, set Wu Huo boil stew boil for about 40 minutes on a slow fire shift. Add parsley, wine, monosodium glutamate, vinegar and serve. Eating alone, can also be adorned with fish soup. Can benefit water swelling and weight loss. 80 grams – 100 grams with a fresh skin melon (melon kernels, dry 10 grams -15 grams of fresh 30 g), 100 grams of rice as raw material. Melon using Daogua washed, cut into small pieces, and then together with the rice placed in the casserole, together with Zhu Chengyu can (do not salt porridge). The first melon kernel Jianshui to the residue, then a net rice put the porridge to cook, eat it every morning and evening twice. Swelling diuretic, reducing weight and fat.

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