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    The eye is the most delicate skin is most likely to languish. If you are not careful maintenance of the skin of the eye cstring can easily leak your age, dark circles, eye dry wrinkles, expression lines will make you bigger than the actual age cuban heel stockings wholesale teens. Let your eyes learn to “lie” to hide your age.the part1 eye pseudo-expression lines, smile of old teenage:Countermeasures: the skin replenishment:Other parts of the skin thickness of 1/3 the thickness of the skin around the eye, and sebaceous glands are very few moisture capacity deficiencies. A thousand times a day, coupled with the blink of an eye, the skin around the eye naturally become the most likely to the area of aging.

    Bright eyes surgery: eye skin to replenish their energy + the powerful moisturizing + diamond heart g string panty compact:At step1 weak eye skin, eye ingredients easily absorbed. As long as the election of the corresponding component will be able to demand part of the accurate positioning, play a positive effect.

    The step2 first wrinkles appear in the eye, the majority of dry lines, especially the lower eyelids, eye wrinkles expression lines in the fight against wrinkles, we have to fully accurate, subregional care. Lower eyelid to use a good moisturizing effect cream, water depth and sustained penetration care area can be expanded accordingly above the cheekbones, and not just in the corner and the lower eyelids, careful to make a fuss.

    step3. end of eye part can choose to use the Firming Eye Cream, played the role of pulling the right corner of the eye parts of the upper eyelid, compact care, so the feeling of heavy eyelids.

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