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    “Can you handle something like this? How Much? It will have 3 people in the team (I would supply names) and name of Company.

    IST 302 Project

    Goal and Introduction

    Your task is to collaboratively develop, script, and produce a 5 to 8 minute video to be posted on YouTube based on the theme of some project management principle from the course. Your video should have a mixture of live video, sound, music, titles, effects, animations, and so on. Try to make it look good!

    Search YouTube for Examples

    I’ve posted a link to a video on SCRUM in the Course Project folder. Spend some time investigating videos related to project management, especially those related to system and/or software development. Try to find key concepts in the videos. Observe for strengths and weaknesses in terms of project management issues and concepts. Anything you can learn from these examples will help you to create the best product possible.

    Planning the Project

    Now, plan by completing the following tasks. The plan should include the final task of uploading your video to YouTube.

    1. Develop a draft project charter for the Project Management Video project. Don’t forget to include who is on the project and the timeframe.

    2. Develop a scope statement for the project. Be as specific as possible in describing product characteristics and requirements.

    3. Develop a WBS for the project. Make sure the WBS is based on the scope statement and takes into account all elements required to complete the project.

    4. Create a milestone list for the project. Include at least five milestones and estimate completion dates for them.

    5. Develop a cost estimate for the project. Estimate the hours needed to complete each task. Assume a rate of $20 per hour for all labor.

    6. Create a quality checklist for ensuring that the project is completed successfully. Define at least two quality metrics for the project.

    7. Create a probability / impact matrix and list of prioritized risks for the project. Include at least five risks.

    Please remember to document all phases of the plan for submission

    Tips and Suggestions

    The video may be created in any commonly readable format (mpeg, avi, quicktime). The video you make must be created in such a way that you can upload the video to YouTube, so make sure your format and resolution works well with YouTube. There is a link provided in the Course Project folder, which will give you more specifics. Also, make sure that you have the right to use and publish on YouTube all video and audio in your video so there are not any copyright issues.

    How to capture video is up to you. In some cases you may want to transfer from analog tape (VCR) to digital or from photograph to digital.


    Aside from the significant learning involved, it is my hope that this project will be fun. However, we also want to be able to use these videos as examples for other classes.

    For this reason, it is important that the videos contain nothing that would be considered offensive – no foul language, inappropriate images or other problematic content.

    Grading Rubric

    The following rubric will be applied:

    Topic Area

    Description of Achievement

    Possible Points

    Video: Development of theme

    * Informational content and research conducted

    * Examples used

    * Appropriateness of video/audio to theme

    Video: Quality

    * Mechanics, flow, transitions, labels and titles

    * Holds interest and professional look

    * 5-8 minutes in length

    * Commonly readable format

    Video: Content – information about project management

    * What it is?

    * How does it work?

    * Who uses it?

    * What are the important issues about it?

    * What is its history?

    * What are your projections about it for the future?

    * Uploaded to YouTube

    * Posted URL in ANGEL

    * Introduction with name of group and all members.

    * Discussion of theme of video.

    * Overview of the group process: Who did what? What roles did each member play?

    * Your video script – including transcripts for any speaking parts.

    * Description of project management principles used and process. Why did you select these particular technologies?

    * Discussion of problems encountered and ways that your group overcame them.

    * Description of resources used and references

    * Composition, explanation of technique, explanation of script, references, use of images in report.

    * Pictures and Diagrams

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