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    This assignment will allow you to demonstrate an understanding of the modelling and installation

    of a data-driven system. You will analyze and design a system for a rugby club including the

    creation of a prototype user interface, planning for the training of users and creating documentation

    for the new system.

    Rugby is a 15-a-side team sport.

    The Scenario

    A rugby club is run by an elected committee. Members of the public may apply for membership of the club,

    and may be playing members or simply social members. There is an annual membership fee, renewable

    every year. The schedule of membership fees is as follows:


    Social Member 42.00

    Player: 17 years and over 42.00

    Player: 13 – 16 years 25.00

    Player: under 12 years 20.00

    There are five teams: 1st

    team, 2nd

    team, and three junior teams. The junior teams are for three specific age

    groups and consist of players under the age of 16 years, 14 years and 12 years on 1st

    September of the

    current season. The committee elects a captain and vice-captain for each team every year from amongst the

    players of each team. Each team has a coach who is responsible for training and selecting the team and who

    also makes the arrangements for travelling to matches at other rugby clubs.

    Each team plays in one local league competition and one local cup competition each season. Each league

    and cup competition is made up of a total of sixteen teams. All match results are recorded by the team

    captains and published on the club’s noticeboard in the clubhouse.

    As well as team matches the club holds a number of training sessions that are open to non-members. The

    committee includes an Events Secretary with responsibility for organising these open training sessions,

    inviting international players to lead the sessions, advertising the training sessions and determining and

    collecting the fees for such sessions.

    The rugby club requires a computerised system to carry out all the tasks above, e.g. member and fee

    registration, team allocation, creating fixture lists (matches to be played), setting up training sessions and

    publishing results. They also require a website allowing members access to a diary of all matches and other

    club events including the results of matches.

    Task 1 – 20 Marks

    Create a process model for the rugby club system comprising:

    a) A Context Diagram of the system.

    b) A statement of the aims and objectives of the system.

    c) A Data Flow Diagram for the system including:

    • Process descriptions

    • Dataflow descriptions

    • Data store contents

    • External entity definitions

    Task 2 – 30 Marks

    Create a data model detailing the data structure required to support the information and process

    requirements of the rugby club system including:

    a) An Entity Relationship Diagram for the system.

    b) Entity descriptions for all entities in the diagram.

    c) Appropriate attributes for all entities including primary and foreign keys.

    d) Relationships detailing optionality and degree of relationships between entities.

    Task 3 – 5 Marks

    Create an Entity Life History for a club member.

    Task 4 – 30 Marks

    Create a database design for the rugby club system including:

    a) A set of fully normalised tables showing the normalisation process for each table.

    b) Data Dictionary entries for all items included in the database design.

    Task 5 – 20 Marks

    Create a prototype user interface for the rugby club system including, as a minimum, the following


    a) Adding a new member.

    b) Creating a fixture list for a team.

    c) Recording a match result.

    Print screenshots of the user interface for the functions in a), b) and c) above. Where necessary,

    describe where validation rules are applied and the reasons for this.

    Task 6 – 35 Marks

    You are responsible for organising the initial training of the system users and producing the User

    Guide for the new system.

    • Create an outline training plan for the new system including who would be trained, how the

    session(s) would be organised (e.g. all together, small groups, etc.)

    • Create a User Guide for the system. This should not be a comprehensive system manual but

    a reference document that users can use as a quick guide to the tasks they need to carry out.

    Task 7 – 20 Marks

    Create a comprehensive, professional standard report describing your system design for the rugby

    club. This should include the details of tasks 1 – 6 including the User Guide.

    The report should not exceed 8000 words in total (+/- 10%) including an appendix of not more

    than 500 words reviewing your work. Your review should include any assumptions you have made

    and any changes you would make to improve your work.


    Work through each task, making copies of the diagrams and code as you complete them. These

    will be required in your submission. The diagrams should be produced using appropriate tools.

    Take regular backups of your work. This will enable you to recover quickly should the system fail

    and also allow you to backtrack if your development goes badly wrong.

    Discuss your designs, giving the reasons for the choices you are making, with your tutor who may

    give advice. Document your choices as you progress. Update all your documentation as changes are

    made. Any refinement process should produce a series of improved designs.

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