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    Define RAM? Explain the types of RAM


    RAM stands for Random Access Memory, it is the internal memory of computer which stores data,program and program result in memory. It is read/write memory which store data until the system is working. RAM is the volatile memory, if computer is get down its lost the data. so UPS is always connected to computer so that it will give time to save the Data. Ram has very less storage capacity and its physical size is also very small.

    RAM is of Two types:-

    • Static RAM.(SRAM)
    • Dynamic RAM.(DRAM)
    • Static RAM:- Statics indicate that contents will be there till power is supplied, if power is switch off the data will loss because it is volatile in nature. Static RAM chips use as matrix of 6-transistors and has no capacitors. Static RAM used Cache memory so it access very fast.
    • Dynamic RAM:- It is continuously refresh in order to maintain the data. Most of systems use Dynamic RAM because it is cheap and small. Dynamic RAM made up of one capacitor and one transistor.
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