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    Create version of the game Mine Sweeper that generates a 16×16 playing field with 40 Mines and then has the computer play using only the information a person would have after each “”pick”” Provided: a) Code to generate the 16×16 game with 40 mines b) Simple code to play 100 games keeping track of the winning percentage. this code only makes random picks until a mine is picked and the computer loses Your Job:

    a) Create Rules implemented as functions that the computer will call in order to visit (uncover) cells which are not mines and “”mark”” cells that are mines.

    b) each game is over when either all the mines are correctly “”marked”” and all cells have been visited (a win) or when a mine is mistakenly picked (a loss), installend ending the game.

    c) you must create enough rules so that the computer can consistantly win at least 1 game in 100 attempts

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