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    Course Title: Computer Organization and Architecture


    Q1. The adder- subtractor circuit has the following values for input mode M and data inputs A & B. In each

    case determine the values of the outputs: S3, S2, S1, S0 and C4

    Q2. Design a four bit combinational circuit incrementer and decrementer using full adders.

    Q3. Register A holds the 8 bit binary 11011001. Determine the B operand and the logic microoperation to be performed in order to change the value in A to (a) 01101101 (b) 11111101

    Q4. Starting from initial value of R=11011101, determine the sequence of binary values in R after a logic shift left followed by circular shift right, followed by a logical shift right and a circular shift

    Q5. Fetching and decoding of any instruction takes three clock cycles. How?


    Q6. Draw timing diagram for D3T4: SC ← 0

    Q7. How is I bit useful in determining the type of instruction

    Q8. Why is micro programmed control better than hardwired? Identify some situations when hardwired is preferred.

    Q9. How are data, address and control buses involved in data transfer to and from memory? Consider a computer system with 16 registers of 32 bit each and RAM of 1GB. Calculate the size of data bus and address bus required for the same.

    M A B

    0 0111 0110

    0 1000 1001

    1 1100 1000

    1 0101 1010

    1 0000 0001

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