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    Which of the following alternatives correctly classifies the materials as crystalline and amorphous solids?

    A : Crystalline Amorphous

    Sodium chloride Plastic

    B : Crystalline Amorphous

    Rubber Glass

    C : Crystalline Amorphous

    Polyvinyl chloride Benzoic acid

    D : Crystalline Amorphous

    Glass Benzoic acid



    On the basis of the nature of order of arrangement of constituent particles, solids can be classified as crystalline and amorphous.

    Crystalline solids are solids consisting of large number of small crystals, each having a definite characteristic geometrical shape. The constituent particles are orderly arranged in a crystal of crystalline solid.

    Amorphous solids are solids consisting of particles of irregular shape. The arrangement of constituent particles in an amorphous solid has only short range order.

    Sodium chloride and benzoic acid are crystalline solids while plastic, rubber, glass, and polyvinyl chloride are amorphous solids.

    The correct answer is A.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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