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    Characteristics of Consumer Behavior


    Now a day, consumers are the kingpin of the market. If you want to earn a higher profit, you need to treat them well with the quality of products and services you are offering to them. So, there are some characteristics of Consumer Behavior: –

    1. Inseparable- As we know consumer are humans only. So, consumer behavior is a part of human behavior. Human’s nature is uncertain. You never know what their preferences become. Based on his past performance, a manager can only predict that he is going to behave same in the next coming months.
    2. Complex- Learning consumer behavior is complex as well as difficult as it involves studying the behavior of a human being. Each and every individual behaves differently and according to situations. Today, a consumer may purchase a product because of its size, another day he may purchase the same because of its smell.
    3. Dynamic- As a part of Human behavior, consumer behavior is dynamic in nature. It keeps on changing. Taste and preferences of the consumers vary, due to which their buying habit also varies.
    4. Social, Psychological factors- Consumer behavior is always influenced by social, psychological and physical factors. A person will buy an Apple company’s phone over a Samsung brand due to the brand loyalty and social status.
    5. Continuous Process- It is a continuous process. It starts with producing a product and keeps on continuing even after the launch of the product.

    In such a way, Consumer’s behavior also gets affected by the price of the product. If the consumer thinks that the price is not in accordance with the quality, he or she may switch to another company. Thus, consumer behavior is something which is very important for a marketer to do.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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