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    Advantages of Time Management



    1. Punctuality and discipline are the two skills that develop with the help of Time Management: –

    A person should make a pre-plan or TO DO LIST before starting a work as it provides the employee with the right direction and thus doesn’t let him/her waste time as he already knows what he has to do and how now the person will invest the time on making the work more better and will manage to complete it on time.

    2. Time management makes a person more organized: –

    Keeping yourself and things organized is a part of Time Management. When things are organized or kept on the right place, a person is not required to waste time in finding them when they are needed thus make a person give better productivity and motivates him/her to be more organized.

    3. Person’s morale and confidence get a boost through proper time management: –

    With the help of time management, a person manages to complete the work on time which makes the person quite popular in the organization and also let him get so many compliments which result in high confidence and morale.

    4. Employees that work according to time plan are the one who achieves their goals and objectives early comparatively: –

    Proper time management enables the employees to get their work done on time as they work according to what they planned and thus get better and early results as compare to others who don’t choose to make plans and worked randomly.

    5. Time management helps a person to predict the outcome: –

    As when the individual makes a plan, they are already aware of all the possible outcomes so they easily predict the final outcome.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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