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a) Personal e-mails :- in-text email referencing to emails are treated in the same way as in-text referencing to any other type of personal communication and, generally it is not necessary to give further details. If the reader is interested in knowing the subject in details, the email address can be provided in reference list.

(Note : - E-mail address should never be stated without the prior permission of the owner )

The pattern followed is : < sender’s name>,<posting Year>, < Day and month of posting>,<E-mail address>

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  • Davis, A 2002, email, 24 April, <>.

b) Lists, groups and bulletin boards : - The Pattern followed is :

<Author & his/her details, usually e-mail address>,< Year of posting>,< 'Subject/title of posting'>, <description of posting>, <discussion list Owner>,< viewed Day Month Year>, <URL>.

  • Wilson, D <> 2003, 'Using the Web to your advantage', discussion group, National Computer Network, viewed 28 January 2003, <>.

c) Weblogs : - This outline is followed:

<Author’s name or alias>,< Posting year>,<title of the sight (in italics) ><format>,<viewed Date n month>,<URL>

  • Norton, A 2008, Andrew Norton: observations from Carlton's lone classical Liberal, weblog, viewed 17 September 2008, <>.

d) Weblogs post : - Just include the title and date of posting.

  • McGarry, A 2008, 'China's pain fires Olympic dream', Beijing blog, weblog post, 13 June, viewed 18 August 2008, <>.

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e) Video Weblog posts : -

  • Simplecoat 2007, Inside one laptop per child: episode 02, online video, viewed 30 march 2008, <>.

f) Wikis:- Outline:

< Title of wiki with year of title ( in italics) > ,<Article title (no italics)>,<format>,<Day and month of article >, <viewed Day and month>,<URL>

  • Quantitative Archaeology Wiki 2007, 'Contingency tables', wiki article, 26 March, viewed 17 September 2008, <>.

h) Podcasts : - Outline :

Title of podcast Year, format, name and place of the sponsor of the source, Day Month (of podcast), viewed Day Month Year, <URL>.

Pandi River expedition 2008, podcast, National Geographic Society, Washington, D.C., 15 August, viewed 19 September 2008, <>.