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Judicial Process And The Administration Of Laws Assignment Help

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Students will gain insights into judicial reasoning and decision-making. They will also better understand the career of a judge as they have the opportunity to discuss a variety of trials, opinions, sentences, and other judicial matters with their supervising judge. Students are expected to both observe court proceedings, complex and simple and be available for legal research and drafting assignments from their judge. The course covered by us thoroughly examines, through participant observation the functioning of the judicial process in the trial courts with particular focus on our first level or community courts. Attention is paid to the various roles (adjudicatory, administrative, educational, sentencing, and symbolic) that judges play in these courts. The focus of the course is on the interaction between the local court and the community it serves, with a view toward evaluating the role of decentralized, neighborhood-oriented courts in contemporary society. The contributions of various scholars to understanding these courts are reviewed, as well as distinct proposals for reform. Because of the variety of procedures, attention is also paid to issues such as judicial accountability, judicial ethics, sentencing, juries, etc., which impact trial judges in all courts.

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Administration Of Laws Assignment Help

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