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Windows 10 Admin Lab 18 Questions

Assignment for Windows 10 Admin Lab #18 Questions:

1) What is the default minimum password length on a domain controller?


The default minimum password length on a domain controller is 7.

2) Based on Microsoft’s security best practice, how many days should a password be used before it expires?


Based on the Microsoft’s security best practice, 42 days before expiration, a password should be used.

3) What is the purpose of the Enforce password history option?


The purpose of password history option is, this setting is used to determine the number of unique new passwords that have to be associated with a user account before an old password can be reused. The default password remember setting is 1 to 24 passwords.

4) Which setting should be modified to prevent a user from changing a password ten times in one day in order to reuse a previous password?


The enforce password history option should be modified to prevent a user from changing a password ten ties in one day in order to reuse previous password.

5) What is the purpose of the account lockout threshold?


The configuration of the account lockout threshold will determine the number of failed logons attempts which cause a user account to be locked out. This will prevent that user to login again with the same user account until that particular account will not resettled by the administrator.

6) Were the other two options in Account Lockout Policy automatically set via the Suggested Value Changes window?


Yes, the other two options in account lockout policy automatically set via the suggested value changes window.

7) What does it mean to audit a Failure?


It will audit a failure event and keep track in the form of logs of the failed and success attempts.

8) Based on the local security policy settings, what would happen if we were to type in two more incorrect passwords?


As we set to lock the user account for another 30 minutes after 4 failed logon attempts, after two more logins with incorrect passwords, the user account will be lock for 30 minutes or until it reset by the administrator.

9) What is the TargetUserName of this Audit Failure?


Target User Name of this Audit Failure event is – student.

10) What is the WorkstationName?


Workstation Name – PC1

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