Programming Help for Pascal Programming

Introduction to Pascal Programming Language

Pascal Programming Language is a structured programming Language. It was designed in 1968-1969 and published in 1970 by Naiklaus Wirth as a small and effective language. It is Algol-based language and contain many Algol constructs.

It supports data types and programming structures. Pascal is easy to learn and provide extensive error checking. It supports Object -Oriented Programming. The programs in Pascal start with “Program” Keyword with external file descriptions as parameters.

Example of Pascal Programming Language

The given program will print “Hey, how r u”

program Hey(output);
  WriteLn('Hey, how r u')
  {no ";" is required after the last statement of a block - 
   adding one adds a "null statement" to the program}

How to learn Pascal Programming Language

Tutorial or Books for learning Pascal Programming Language:

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