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  • AgentCubes Homework Help
  • The world's first 3D web-based programming and modeling tool

    The 3D games are highly popular and exhilarating to play. This 3D Video Game Design course uses Agent Cubes from the University of Colorado. Students learn the basics of programming. No game making experience necessary. If you have game creation experience, this course easily takes your skills to a new level.
    Now that we have end-user programming environments capable of empowering kids with no programming background to build games in a matter of hours, a new quest for raising the ceiling of end-user development is emerging. Environments not only focusing on programming, but also including rich media such as 3D, could work as compelling tools for introducing information technology at the K-12 level. The new challenge is raising the ceiling without raising the threshold. Based on our experience with AgentSheets, a tool used worldwide for computational science and game design applications, we created a new authoring tool called AgentCubes. This article discusses the notion of incremental 3D as a design approach for media-rich end-user development with low threshold and high ceiling in education.

    Nice feature available with AgentCubes

    • Create 3D shapes.
    • Create 3D worlds.
    • Program your worlds.
    • Create your own game or simulation.
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