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    Douglas McGregor’s contributions to organizational theory.



    A) McGregor is the other major theorist associated with the Human Relations school of management. McGregor believes there are two basic kinds of managers.

    One type of manager, Theory X, has a negative view of employees assuming they are lazy, untrustworthy and incapable of assuming responsibility while the other type of Manager, Theory Y, assumes employees are trustworthy and capable of assuming responsibility having high levels of motivation.

    Theory X

    1. Employees normally do not like to work and will try to avoid it.

    2. Since employees do not like working, they have to coerced, controlled, directed and threatened with punishment to motivate them to work.

    3. The average employee is lazy, shuns responsibility, is not ambitious, needs direction and principally desires security.

    Theory Y

    1. Work is as natural as play and therefore people desire to work.

    2. Employees are responsible for accomplishing their own work objectives.3. Comparable personal rewards are important for employee commitment to achieving work goals.

    4. Under favorable conditions, the average employee will seek and accept responsibility.

    5. Employees can be innovative in solving organizational problems.

    6. Most organizations utilize only a small proportion of their employees’ abilities.

    Mcgregor’s Theory X and Y is appealing to managers and dramatically demonstrate the divergence in management viewpoints toward employees. As such, Theory X and Y has been extremely helpful in promoting management understanding of supervisory styles and employee motivational assumptions.

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