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What do you mean by essay editing?

Essay editing is the process of improving your work from its past version. A good writer always keeps on learning from his or her mistakes and improves their work. An effective editing always backs up your essay writing and makes it a level higher worth. Editing is meant by the proofreading of your essay and checking out any grammatical errors and technical faults. The difference between good marks and excellent marks is an effective editing. It would take only 15 to 20 minutes but is very helpful for the write up. Editing is also a continuous process. It is done again and again to make the essay more pitch perfect.

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Here are some pointers, which should be kept in mind for making an effective editing:

1. Start by getting the structure on point

Plan out some time for the editing process after finishing the write up and publishing the essay. This helps in making appropriate time for the editing procedures. A fresh time is the best time to get to the editing part. If you choose to correct the errors right after writing the essay, then you might not be able to find the faults and errors. So, take a break before the editing process and start with a fresh mind. The editing process should be started by looking at the structure of the essay. Make sure the right things are mentioned at the right places. The flow of the essay should be on point and not slaggy at all. Think in advance, about the overarching and prominent shape of the argument which is starting to develop and also check that the points which you’ve made help structure your essay towards a very logical and coherent conclusion. Before writing the essay, the writer makes up logical order in which he or she will present the idea of the essay. Sometimes hen making the draft, this order is left scrambled and is not fully followed. Editing process helps eventually in putting up these pieces of writing puzzles in place. Hence, the structure of the essay remains good and is not compromised.

2. Avoid long sentences and large paragraphs

The main motto of the essay is to give the relevant information on any topic within the word count. Barging unnecessary long sentences and large paragraphs will only result in the poor reception from the reader. This mistake can be avoided in the editing process. These long sentences having too much of unnecessary word plays and stuffed up large paragraphs can be shortened and made reading worthy. For this, in the editing process, the sentences should be restricted to maximum of only two or three clauses and not more than that. Start a new paragraph as soon as the main information of that particular paragraph is written. Include only four to five sentences in one paragraph. Spaces are necessary in the essays. These are white spaces and those are like a breathing space for the eyes of the readers. Tighten up the wordings of your paragraphs for keeping them short.

3. Keep overly complicated language in check

When you are writing an essay, keep in mind that the words that you choose is going to reflect your writing. So, always use simple and understandable words which can be understood easily by the readers without looking up in a dictionary. Avoid the use of jargons and overly complicated word plays. Using big words or using a simple word, which have the same meaning as the big word, will be more time consuming and heavy. Aim for clear and concise language to avoid being pretentious.

4. Keep a check for repetition of ideas and words

When you are writing an essay, it is quite normal to get a repetition of the words and their meanings and even the ideas which you are presenting. When you are editing your essay, read the essay multiple times and check if something sounds familiar or the idea is not repeated. Delete the repetitions at once when detected. Sometimes the very first time when the idea is presented, it may not be the most appropriate spot for it, so when you’re editing, consider which is the best moment to introduce it and simultaneously delete the other mentions in the essay. When you are having too many repetition words, try to rephrase the whole lot of expression which are being used in the paragraphs. The unusual words should be included only once or twice in a paragraph only.

5. Consistent spelling

Sometimes, some words have more than one correct spelling and the more important thing is to stay consistent with the one you use frequently. Using different spelling frequently will give a bad impression of your writing on the readers. When starting the editing procedure, keep in mind those words in advance and improvise accordingly.

6. Use of commas

There are some writers who put a lot of commas in their essays and there are some who put a very less. The use of commas should be taken seriously as it is responsible in making two sentences inside one sentence. With too many commas, the essay will look odd and broker. The perfect secret is to put commas in where you would naturally pause when speaking aloud. If it helps, try reading your writing aloud to see if it flows.

7. On-going formatting

By this it means that the formatting process should be done side by side with the editing process. As per the appearance of the essay and the style structure, the major points should be revised again and again. The formatting helps in making changes to the essay at the very moment, and no place for any lapse. When formatting is done, it is mainly recommended that the formatting should be consistent and the use of bolds, italics and underline should be consistent. The spacing between the lines and paragraphs, the use of alignment and the bullet marks should remain consistent throughout. This primarily helps in giving your essay a professional and sophisticated look which is very good for the audience reception of your essay write up.

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