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To write a descriptive essay one should consider a whole lot of things. Writing a descriptive essay can be a rewarding and rich experience if one writes it systematically and consider all the things that should be a part of descriptive essay. At times students have to write descriptive essays in their exams and many students who are not good in writing the stuff are afraid of writing the essay but let me tell you one thing, it’s not that difficult. Descriptive essay is an art of explaining about some person, place or any other thing by simply observing it. First one should be clear about what he is going to describe and he should have a proper observation or knowledge about that. In descriptive essay we describe a particular thing in such a way that anybody can understand it. Descriptive essay should be in simple language. While writing a descriptive essay one should be clear with the reason behind writing on a particular topic. If the reason is clear then he will be able to write it nicely. Maintaining the order of the paragraphs is must while writing a descriptive essay. If the paragraphs are not in order then it will break the continuity of the paragraph and the will not be able to enjoy it. The perfect ordering of paragraphs will make it effective and impactful. One should keep this in mind that to increase the size of the essay he should not add any unnecessary or irrelevant information in the essay as it will create bad impact on the reader. While giving a final touch to your descriptive essay you should check that have you put all the important details in the essay or not. Also you should check that have you conveyed what you want to convey through this essay. If you will consider all things while writing a descriptive essay, believe me your essay is going to be the best one. It’s not a difficult task at all. I hope that it will help you further in writing descriptive essays.

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