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Comparison Contrast Essay

What do you mean by comparative essay?

Comparative essay or a comparison essay is basically an essay which is commonly used for the drawing of the comparisons between any two things. It is a very commonly used type of essay writing assignment for the various classes in the college as well as the schools. Two subjects are provided and they should be critically studied as well as analyzed and various deductions should be made out. These are by finding out and pointing out the main similarities or even the dissimilarities. There are two aspects of the comparison essay, which is comparative as well as contrasting modes. Sometimes in an essay, only one of them is used to tell the basis but even in some condition both the aspects are used simultaneously. In other words, a comparative essay is simple an essay which is asking for the comparisons between two or more subjects and final conclusion from that comparison. These subjects or the items depends on the nature of the such as:

  • The theories which affect them
  • The position on an issue conflicting
  • The text of that subject
  • The events surrounding those subjects
  • The figures and speculations
Comparison Contrast Essay

There is also an important thing which should be kept in mind while making the comparisons in this type essay, these are:

That the assignment or the essay write up should not be too formative and straight forward but it should come up with a basis for the comparison which would make it look more subtle and natural. It should be providing by the essay question itself. The essay question should be considered well in advance and the basis of comparison should be cleared out in advance. The main thesis should be developed by the writer himself to make it more original as the question which may simply be asked will make it compare the two arcs. As a result, the writer has to develop a basis for comparison, by a basis it means, a theme, concern, or device common to both works from which you can draw similarities and differences. The writer should develop a list which will state the similarities as well as the differences in the two subjects. Once the comparison and the basis of it is clearly mentioned, the next important step is to make valid pointers in the sense of differences and similarities between the two subjects and then comparing them, analyzing them and studying them. The comparison difference and similarities list which you have drawn up is not the only outline of your comparative essay and should also provide with pointers which would help in making the initial body structure of the essay.

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What are the different kind of comparison essay structures and their methods?

There are various methods which are used for the construction of the body structure of the comparison essay, but the on which should be used should suitable as per the needs. These are:

1. Alternative method or the point by point pattern:

This is the most used type of method for the construction of the essay. In this method, the related points are found in common for the central subjects which are assumed as A and B. The differences and similarities between the two subjects are drawn out point by point making room for each other. This following mode of method will result in the making of 5 equivalent paragraphs for the essay. In those paragraphs, the comparisons and contrasting should be don consecutively. The subject of this should be the introduction of your state and your thesis, after that the discussion of both the subjects together as one unit and each point of contrast and comparison. In the last conclusion, the main restating of the thesis and after that shortly summarizing the essay for the preciseness.

2. Block method or the subject by subject method:

In this method, the firstly the discussion is all about the subject A after that of subject B. If the essay writer chooses the block method for the body structure of his or her essay, however, do not simply append two very disconnected essays to a single introductory thesis. The B subject block, or second half of your essay which is describing the second subject, should refer to the A block, or first half, and make clear points of comparison whenever comparisons are important and needs to be explained. The block method is very useful as it is used when the writer is unable to find suitable pointers about the subject A and B which are closely tied with each other. Secondly, the ideas of the writer about the subject B will be built upon the extended ideas about the subject A. Thirdly, it is helpful he the writer comparing more than three subjects as opposed to the two-subject comparison. The steps in which it is worked on are:

  • First the introduction of the essay a thesis statement
  • Discuss about the first subject
  • Discus about the second subject
  • In the end, restate all the thesis and summarize what we learnt from the essay.

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