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Quicksort is a sorting algorithm formulated by Tony Hoare that, on normal, makes O(nlogn) comparisons to sort n items. In the worst case, it makes O(n2) comparisons, though this behavior is extraordinary. Quicksort is ofttimes faster in practise than another O(nlogn) algorithms. Additionally, quicksort's sequential and localized memory references work well with a cache. Quicksort can be implemented as an in-place sort, requiring exclusive O(logn) additional space.

Quicksort is a divide and conquer algorithm which relies on a partition procedure: to partition an array an element called a pivot is selected. All elements smaller than the pivot are moved before it and all greater elements are affected after it. This can be through efficiently in linear period and in-place. The lesser and greater sublists are then recursively sorted. Efficient implementations of quicksort are typically unstable sorts and somewhat complex, but are among the fastest sorting algorithms in activity. Together with its modest O(log n) set activity, quicksort is one of the most popular sorting algorithms and is available in some standard programming libraries. The most complex issue in quicksort is choosing a good pivot element; consistently poor choices of pivots can result in drastically slower O(nË›) performance, if at each step the median is chosen as the pivot then the algorithm works in <br/>. Finding the median however, is an O(n) operation on unsorted lists and thus exacts its own penalization with sorting.

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Quick Sort Algorithm

Quick Sort Algorithm

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