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Control engineering is basically depends on the finding of feedback theory and linear system analysis and it also associates network and communication theory. So, here we can say that control system engineering is not only defined in electrical engineering but also in electronics and communication engineering, mechanical engineering, aeronautical engineering, environmental engineering and all other branches. In other words we can say that control system is interconnections of that components which forms configurations of system that would be provide a desired output response with respect to time.

Control system divides in two parts : a) Open-Loop system, b) Closed-loop system. In Open-loop control systems, output response is not depends on input signals. And Closed-loop control systems says that, the desired output is depends on input signals.

Linear system analysis give the complete result of analysis of any system, and this process gives a relationship between component of the systems called Cause-Effect relation, and this effect is shown by input-output relationship of process.

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