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Information Technology Sample Assignment Part 1

The publicly available interactive system, pick either ticket machine, parking payment machine, ATM i.e,

  • A description of the technology and its principal purpose
  • Information Technology Course Help Order NowDescribe the technology and its principal purpose.
  • A description of the users, their goals and usability requirements
  • Describe the user of the pda, their goals and usability requirements
  • A model of how the users achieve their goals

Draw a model of how the users achieve their goal. For example: in the case of the website transaction, u need to draw a model that show how the product is searched, selected, put in a basket, make payment, etc

  • An assessment of how well the interaction meets the user requirements for all types of user identified
  • An evaluation of how well the interface complies with usability standards.
  • Personal recommendations for improvement of the interface to meet usability standards/requirements
  • Give personal recommendations for improvement of the interface.

The Powerpoint Presentation Slides

Provide a concluding section for your portfolio reflecting i.e learned about designing usable interfaces. This section should demonstrate your understanding of why interface design is necessary and the usefulness of the processes/techniques available. The advantages and drawbacks of using an interface design process in developing the different products you have studied.

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